1. Anonymous said: What do you think of prps jeans? What made evisu jeans and red monkey jeans hot in your opinion?


    Prps jeans are pretty fresh. I had the 1st pair they made and I enjoyed em a lot. Evisu & Red Monkey were some of the best quality denim i’ve ever worn. The Japanese get everything right and denim was something they did better than everyone. Fit, quality, color, weight, design, Red Monkey & Evisu was incredible. Minus the gaudy pocket designs (which I still love to this day) the denim quality was unrivaled. Evisu especially was super dope to me with the different color gulls on the pocket. I only had one pair of Red Monkey but they were really good. Evisu by far was one of my best and favorite denim i’ve worn in my life… 

    Still love PRPS and Evisu No.1 but that’s about it lol.

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  3. Love the smell of Orange Blossoms

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    We cannot forget that Black and Brown Lives Matter. We are all in this together. #Ferguson #Immigration

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  10. Selena y Chris

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