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    Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Stonemason Replica

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    #when ur girl on a roll with facts

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    Can we stop pretending that these look good when they really just aqua socks with ankle wrap and racing tires wound around the sole.

    I ain’t pretending. I love these. They are like ultimate cozy boy shoes with a dash of ninja.

    The comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn are huarache bball 08’s because of the neoprene sock that wrapped around my ankle firmly, but gently, and the zoom air in the sole. Those and the sock racers I just copped recently because the toe box is just a soft flexible socklike material.

    The Qasa takes that idea and instead of just providing that fit just on the ankle or toes exclusively, they wrap your whole foot in it. And that sole looks like it rides like you’re walking on clouds.

    I love these. If I had a loose $400 to drop on kicks, I woulda been copped.

    I’ll be copping a pair soon though.

    I love Qasa. Ever since I first seen them. Wouldn’t pay though

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    Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net

    My friends and i couldn’t figure out what tee that was for our lives

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    A cameo of Steven A Clark during Apple’s keynote and iTunes section of their site. Cover photo by me. 

    You can check out Steven A Clark’s “LATE” EP on iTunes here.

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    Vehicles in Wes Anderson movies.

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